Nature Birthday Parties

At Sylvan Adventures, we  feel everyone should get the chance to celebrate their birthdays, what better way than sharing it with friends by having a birthday party in beautiful, outdoor locations in South Devon?  This can either be in your own garden, local green space or woodland.

Our birthday parties

Birthday parties can be organised to suit the taste and interests of the birthday boy or girl, all based on playing in the outdoor environment, either themed or choosing from various nature awareness and craft activities.

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  • Campfire cooking
  • Art and crafts
  • Stories around the camp fire
  • Group games
  • Making fires with flint and steel
  • Den / shelter making
  • Nature awareness  activities

Possible themes

  • Robin Hood (making bows and target shooting)
  • Woodland fairies (making wands and potions)

Birthday parties: Nature Windows activity

How to book?

Email us:

Phone us: 07905 765263 (Evenings preferred)

Not adventurous enough or something for the older adventurer?

Sylvan Adventures believes there are many occasions in life that need celebrating, not just birthdays, but family gatherings, special events, etc. So why have a party, when you can make it extra special and memorable with an Overnight Adventures .

For biggest kids (Adults) you can join in the nature fun too.

Safety Info

All the woodland birthday parties will be hosted by qualified forest school practitioners, who are DBS checked, and have First Aid training. To help ensure everyone’s safety, the sites and all activities will have been risk assessed.