Sylvan Adventures feedback

Play England’s Exploring Nature Play South West: John Muir Award  2013

Five month project run on behalf of Play England’s Exploring Nature Play South West Project, organising a John Muir Award (discovery level), aiming to connect children and families to wild spaces within the Torbay area. Involving family groups, ages from five to sixty.

Well thought out and planned, relaxed, flexible, focused and reflective- Adult adventurer, John Muir Adventure Project
The sessions were well thought out and inclusive- Adult Adventurer, John Muir Adventure Project
I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t like- except when I couldn’t go. I would have loved to do a residential- Jane Henbrow (Play Guru), John Muir Adventure Project

Professional recommendations for Dan

Dan and I worked at the same Nursery for over eight years. He has ensured a very professional relationship with staff, parents and children, all of whom he has built a very strong rapport with. He takes his responsibilities very seriously yet has a great sense of humour which allows the day to go with a swing. He has a strong sense of team spirit and is a very easy-going person.- Pat Fortin: Early Years Teacher
Dan was a core member of the Wild Nights Out volunteer team for many years. He brought a keen interest in natural history, enthusiasm for environmental education and crucially had a calm manner and easily built strong working relationships with colleagues, young people and visiting staff. I could always rely on Dan to turn up at short notice and step into the breach when there were last minute changes to plans. Dan’s commitment to children, young people and the natural world has gone from strength to strength and I look forward to working with him again in the future.- Richard Irvine: Outdoor Practitioner

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