Spring Forest School SW Gathering

night sky        Well it has not been our normal winter, warmer but wetter and windier.

However spring is in the air with sighting of Snowdrops and other flowers have been seen and enjoyed. I am also excited about it being spring, because it is nearly time for the Spring Forest School SW Gathering (May 10-11th) and this time is being held in Torbay.

I know this, because Sylvan Adventures has the pleasure of organising and hosting this gathering, which is a networking and skill sharing meeting of Forest School practitioners and like mind people. The last gathering was held at Hallr Woods in Somerset and was enjoyed by 30 or so Forest School practitioners, with loads of skill shared. we also agreed to be an affiliated regional group of the Forest School Association.

This gathering is happening over the weekend of 10-11th May, were we will be meeting on the beach Saturday morning to learn about beach school, discover new activities as well as enjoying the sea and sand. Then it will be off to a nearby wood for some wild camping, with meals cooked over a campfire for more and of course more outdoor fun and games. The gathering finishes with a meeting of Forest School SW group.

The whole gathering is not a training event, more an informal social event, were practitioner gather to share skills, meet old friends and make new ones. This is why the fee for the  gathering is £30 for non Forest School Association for the whole weekend and £25 for Forest School Association members.

Please contact us for more details and a booking form.



Happy new year and Sylvan Adventures Website live

New Sylvan Adventures Website live

Happy new year everyone! We’ve been stuck indoors beavering away for nearly the last week and the website is just about done! We can’t wait to get Sylvan Bear from Hibernation (Ashburton) and get outdoors. It may not be perfect so if you spot any mistakes or have any comments please let us know.

New Logo

We also have a new logo  (Thanks to Vicky Smith, contact us for her contact details), the lovely otter face has been moved to cover our family adventures so he isn’t far away!

Sylvan Adventures website Logo


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We’ve also created a libary of lovely quotes from John Muir and other adventurers and you will find a few quotes dotted around the site, I hope you enjoy them as much as we did finding them.  Do you have a favourite nature quote? let us know.

Dan Best
Sylvan Adventures

Volunteering opportunities

If you are interested in outdoor education or play you could volunteer with us, learn skills, help the community and possibly gain certificates. Please contact us for more information.

Dan Best
Sylvan Adventures